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You have just made the first step to becoming a part of something that everyone in DeFi wishes to be a part of. As you may see, PlugPRO will be run as a startup business as opposed to your standard crypto project. Please, take your time reading through our website to learn more about the journey you are embarking on!



About Our Token

Sell Tax 10%

Sell tax will be taken in the form of tokens. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 2% – Liquidity Pool
  • 5% – Marketing & Development
  • 2% – Buybacks
  • 1% – Team
Buy Tax 10%

Buy tax will be taken in the form as tokens. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 2% Liquidity Pool
  • 5% Marketing & Development
  • 2% Buybacks
  • 1% Team
Transfer Tax 0%

We have removed the transfer tax. Please be advised this pertains to ANY and ALL wallet to wallet transfers!



Buy Tax


Sell Tax


Transfer Tax

The Project


Learn about our Utility and Platform

Take a moment to read our Whitepaper and learn more about our organization, utility and platform!


Learn More

Please view our PlugPRO roadmap to see not only where we have been, but where we are going! Our Roadmap will be continuously updated as we go.



The PlugPRO concept was created by our founder and CEO Wolfy. Throughout his tenure in the crypto space, serving in different capacities in the professional sector of DeFi, he was able to identify a few problems and challenges many Crypto Projects experienced. Finding the right people for the right jobs! 

As it stands the only way to find this type of resource is via word of mouth, creating a shortage of trusted and professional resources to fulfill the needs of these projects. Not only is it extremely difficult to find the right people, but there is also an abundance of scams from those pretending to be professionals, just to take your money and disappear. Many of these issues could be prevented if there was a way to verify these professionals, but also if there was a place where these professionals and services could be showcased. That is where We come in! PlugPRO aims to be the first DeFi-exclusive platform and hub for connecting professionals with those projects in need, and all of this with as little as a few clicks!



Our Mission

Our mission is to not only solve a problem identified within the DeFi space through innovation and technology, but to set the standards for how a project should be planned, developed, executed, and managed. PlugPRO strives to become the project that attracts not just talent, but creativity and innovation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop a platform where everyone from all walks of life can earn a living in DeFi through various jobs. To create and grow a community of Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, Creators and Builders of great things, based on collaboration and support towards each other.







DeFi Professionals At Your Fingertips

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